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Even with the Moon at first quarter phase, the comet was plainly visible in binoculars last night shining at magnitude +5. I used 8x40s and had no problem seeing Lovejoy’s blobby glow. With a coma about 15 20 arc minutes in diameter or more than half the size of a the Full Moon, it really fills up the field of view when seen through a telescope at low to medium coque iphone 8 plus citroen magnification..

With a recent expansion to Brickell, Doraku is laying claim to the happy hour crowd both on and off the Beach.8. BladeThe Fontainebleau’s overhaul of Blade transformed the original space into a new lounge and relocated the actual sushi bar to the hotel’s restaurant Vida, on the north end. This sushi bar has some seriously fresh fish, which is to be expected given the behemoth resort’s seafood procurement reach…